At The Cannabis Seed Co., we are passionate about creating quality cannabis genetics. Under the brand Evolve Marijuana, our unique, original, tasty and aromatic marijuana strains are cultivated by independent licensed cannabis producers across Washington.  

We collaborate with our growers to yield healthy, productive crops from seed to harvest.  Designed to leverage the entrepreneurial talents of the individual growers, The Cannabis Seed Co. is building a community of independent companies to grow Evolve Marijuana strains. An elite group of cannabis cultivators selected  to be key players in the growth of a national brand.

At the root of everything great is a simple yet powerful idea. For The Cannabis Seed Co., that idea is that we will be successful when our growers are successful. Our business model is simple. Create a community of dedicated entrepreneurs, selected for their talent, passion, tenacity and desire to build their business.

Joining the Evolve Marijuana Community

 Developing strong strategic connections with the right people is critical to assure business health and long term growth.  Evolve Marijuana producers share the same core values. To create remarkable experiences by providing the highest quality cannabis, using only organic growing medium and nutrients.  To believe in the journey to sustainability to protect our environment by building a company in which high standards are found in all aspects of business.


One Brand, Boundless Opportunity.

Original Genetics... Evolve Marijuana strains are exclusively created by The Cannabis Seed Co. Genetics will only be distributed to Evolve growers for cultivation as retail bound Evolve Marijuana.

Marketing...A strong brand is the cornerstone to making your mark in the marketplace.  Evolve Marijuana is building a national brand through innovative marketing, brand communication, web and mobile sites, and, content and web presence marketing.   

Part of a larger brand...Be associated with a brand identity that will impact consumer choice.    An attractive brand personality can sell the prospect before the purchase, reinforce the purchase decision and help forge an emotional link that binds the buyer to the brand for years to come. 

Consulting...Cultivation and business. We work with our independent growers to assure the highest quality of final product is taken to market. Sharing strategies that have delivered exceptional performance and bringing together the entrepreneurial talents of others allows us all to benefit from the knowledge and expertise the Evolve community collectively has.                 

Road to nationwide sales...The Cannabis Seed Co. is laying the ground work to take Evolve Marijuana to the national stage.  Positioning the brand will effectively differentiate Evolve in the national marketplace. Building the identity, creating a strong, active brand to resonate with consumers is instrumental to ensure continued economic success.

Sales support...With multiple channels of wholesale and retail, we assist our growers in creating business relationships. Whether you realize it or not, relationships are the fuel that feeds the success of your business. We achieve our greatest success through our relationships with others.